To our Students and Parents, 

We would like to take a moment and say THANK YOU. These students create meaning in our lives everyday. It is such a wonderful experience to be able to mentor and work with students throughout the years ( 7+ years). We are smiling everyday because we get to work with these students to create opportunity for their future. It is great honor and pleasure to be part of each student's educational experience along with helping each student reach his/her goals. We are both so happy to be part of your pathway to reaching above sky's limits. Let's make it happen!

- Ivan Avila and Jennifer Dinh

I went to Gestalt Tutoring (Original Name of Breakthrough Learning Center) for all four years of high school; and during those four years, I not only expanded my quantitative knowledge, but also my qualitative ability. Through math tutoring for geometry to Trigonometry, I graduated high school with a stellar GPA and excellent grades in math. After four years of PSAT and SAT tutoring, my SAT scores were higher than my expectations and in fact, higher than many students around. I applied to nine colleges, including UC’s and Claremont Colleges, and I got into all nine schools. I would allude that success to my experience with Gestalt Tutoring. The positive results and incessant encouragement showed me that I can achieve anything. I was given opportunity to succeed and recognition when I succeeded, something that I would not have gotten if I relied on my school and definitely something that I probably would not get if I did tutoring in a large, group setting. I am completely satisfied with my experience at Gestalt and I would not be where I am today without my foundation that was built by Ms. Jen, Mr. Avila, and myself.
— Sofia K.

I have been attending Gestalt Tutoring, since I was in the middle of third grade and now I am a freshman in high school. When I first attended Gestalt, it was a small tutoring center located at Mrs. Jen’s house. As a young and naive kid, I hated anything related to school work. When my mom told me I had to go to a tutoring establishment, I was infuriated at the fact that I had to put more time into learning. However, over the years I have realized that Gestalt was more than just a tutoring center. It was a place where students can go and learn in a comfortable environment, and establish new relationships with other students. I have stayed numerous hours at Gestalt to study for tests. I can recall many days in which I have stayed long hours studying for tests, and with their help I received an “A.” Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila are always there for any problems I have faced. I consider both of them as my second family. I can go to Mrs. Jen with any problems I face in my school work as well as my social life. She has helped me through rigorous academic courses, providing multiple practice test, as well as her own knowledge. Mr. Avila has been a major role model to me, and the first day that I met Mr. Avila we had an instant connection. We were both athletes and loved to play sports. Mr. Avila has been my main motivation in my school work and sports. His dedication to his work and his compassion to his students has inspired me. They both have been very important figures in my life, and they have sacrificed their time in making sure that I will be successful. I will always view Gestalt as my second home, because without the support from Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila I would not be the person I am today.
— D. Kim

I have been attending Breakthrough Learning Center from September of 2013. From then till now, I have never dissatisfied with my sessions there. My tutors have always been very helpful and comforting. The environment is extremely comfortable, especially because everyone, including the students, are very friendly. Whether it is moral support, school support, Breakthrough Learning Center never fails.
— J. Muhtaseb

My name is Erin Solis, and I just recently graduated from Valencia High School along with the senior class of 2013. My work with Mr. Avila and Ms. Dinh began the summer before my freshmen year of high school. I was looking to get ahead on the math class that I would be taking during the school year, and a family friend had very strongly recommended the services of Gestalt Tutoring. Since that first session four years ago, I had to keep going back because the help I received there was so much better than any that I had received elsewhere. Gestalt tutoring has helped me with my work from a broad spectrum of different subject areas. Mr. Avila and Ms. Dinh have guided me through three different math classes and helped me succeed in all three as well. They worked with me for both the SAT and the SAT subject tests. Finally, they helped me brainstorm, write and edit my college essays, which is by no means an easy task. The quality that sets the teachers at Gestalt apart from the others that I have encountered is their genuine concern for the all-around welfare of their students. Both are willing to go above and beyond what is necessary to make sure that their students understand the material. The best part is that they personalize a curriculum based on the needs of the individual they are working with. During math tutoring, they would go over the material that we would be learning in class that week as well as look ahead at some of the concepts we would be learning in the near future. I found this extremely helpful because the concepts were easier to understand in class since they had already been explained to me beforehand. SAT prep is unique because it requires a completely different approach. Ms. Dinh creates a system that more than prepares kids to take this test. She personalizes each session and focuses on the specific areas that each individual student needs to work on. Finally, coming from my own personal experiences, college essays are very difficult to compose. They take a lot of time and often require more than a couple of rewrites. More often than not, these essays require students to write about things that are very personal so that they can get to know you on a deeper level. Both of them were more than willing to read and give feedback on the multiple drafts that I sent to them. In my opinion, this is a truly defining characteristic of Gestalt Tutoring. They really care and want to see their students succeed. There is no doubt in my mind that both Mr. Avila and Ms. Dinh are two of the greatest teachers I have ever worked with, and I certainly would not have been as successful in high school without their help. Their constant support and guidance helped me get into the school of my dreams, as I will be heading to UCLA in the fall. Without a doubt, Gestalt Tutoring services has the best teachers around, and I would recommend them to anyone.
— Erin S.

My experience at Breakthrough Learning Center has been phenomenal! I first started to come to breakthrough when I was 10 and ever since then, I have been excelling in my academics drastically. It’s like my second home because I feel so comfortable and secure around the tutors because they are really nice and try to help me even when I give up. I have learned so many valuable experiences coming here for instance to not give up even when you have to pull that all-nighter to pass the HUG test and to persevere when there is no hope. Whenever I have a problem to solve or need help, they teach it so effectively that it’s easy for me. Breakthrough isn’t just a “regular” tutor place where it’s just strictly studying which is what I like about it. The tutors have taught me many life lessons that I will hold on to forever!
— K. Kathrotia
I have been going to Breakthrough Learning Center for about two years now and I can confidently say that my grades and comprehension of the school’s curriculum has been more successful than ever. Whether it’s math, physics, writing essays, SAT prep, or many other subjects, the tutors at Breakthrough have been truly amazing. My grades have significantly improved since I have been going to Ms. Jen and Mr. Avila. They are such hard working people with the intention to make you succeed! I have learned so many life lessons that I will hold forever.

Aside from school, emotionally, Ms. Jen has always been there for me. From high school stress, to the college application process, and even the typical high school drama, she is always there to give me support and advice. Breakthrough has always been a safe and comfortable environment for me to concentrate and succeed in my academics. I am so happy that I found this place and this amazing “tutor” family. As I move on to college in the fall, I will definitely miss Mrs Jen, Mr Avila, and the rest of the tutors at Breakthrough.
— -Kriti C.

Gestalt tutoring (Original Name of Breakthrough Learning Center) is a place where kids of various ages can learn, grow, and prosper. Both Ivan and Jennifer have a way of teaching their students information so that they can be successful in school. At Gestalt tutoring, students are provided with a positive environment that makes them want to learn and do well in school. With the help of Ivan and Jennifer, I was able to enter my various math classes feeling confident that I knew the information and could complete problems given to me. Ivan and Jennifer give their students extra practice that teachers may not. They are also able to answer all questions students may have regarding certain subjects that they are struggling in. I can personally say that being able to understand the math lessons given to me and seeing positive results on my tests was a great feeling! However, I wouldn’t have been as successful had I not received tutoring from Jennifer and Ivan. Not only did they improve my skills in middle school and high school level math, they prepared me for the SAT as well. At Gestalt tutoring, I spent many hours practicing strategies for the SAT and taking practice tests so I would know what to expect when I took the real thing. Only at Gestalt tutoring can you receive the insight and various strategies necessary to do well on the SAT. Ivan and Jennifer provide their students with practice tests that come from elite SAT prep books. Not just anyone has access to these books, so being able to study from them significantly helped me prepare for the test. Ivan and Jennifer require their students to work hard during tutoring sessions along with completing homework at home. At times it can be difficult, but Gestalt tutoring is very supportive and encouraging with all their students. In the end, if students put in the effort, they will see results from Jennifer and Ivan’s tutoring. With their help in preparing for the SAT, I was able to receive a strong score that got me a scholarship from the college I will be attending in the fall- Northern Arizona University.
— Annie R.

I have been at Breakthrough Learning Center for 3 years now and will continue to be at this learning center until I graduate high school. There’s a reason why I won’t leave Breakthrough; each and every tutor care about their students genuinely and want them to do well in the future. Ms. Jenn and Mr. Avila are such hardworking people that I am so inspired by everyday. They know when their students are sad and ALWAYS know how to cheer you up. Breakthrough Learning Center is without a doubt an amazing place for any student and you will definitely feel like you’re apart of a family.
— K. Shim

Breakthrough learning center has been one of the best experiences I have had throughout my high school career. I have had about 3 tutors in high school, but I have never found one like Mrs.Jen and Mr. Avila. I would dread going to my other tutors because it was simply just 2 hours of not learning anything. However, coming to breakthrough would be nothing like my experiences with my other tutors. I would be excited to come to breakthrough because of the learning environment. Not only is there one on one sessions, but there is also classroom sessions. This allows you to study with other peers that are taking the same class as you. Collaborating with other students that are taking the same courses as you allows you to succeed in that course. Mrs. Jen has been tutoring for years now so she knows how every single class is. She knows the material that is affiliated with each and every class because of past students and this to me is a big part of why I love breakthrough so much. Mrs.Jen and Mr. Avila truly want to help every student. They try to give practice problems, practice quizzes, review books, and much more in order for the student to gain the most out of coming to tutor.
I have been coming to Mrs. Jen for about 4 years now and she has not only made me a better student, but also a better person. Being a high school student, I’ve had some days where I just wanted to breakdown because I didn’t know if all of this would be worth it. I wouldn’t know what to do, where to go, and most importantly who to talk to. I have had days where I would just sit by myself and cry for hours because of all the stress that came along with being a student. One day, I told Mrs. Jen about what was going through my mind. In just 20 minutes I was at so much ease. Mrs. Jen has done college here in California so she knows what the process is and how much stress comes along with it. Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila truly cares for each and every single student and wants to do everything to help them. One thing I never forgot was when Mrs.Jen would always say “Keyuri take advantage of having me as a tutor. Text me or give me a call even at 12 am if you need to.” This quality of Mrs. Jen pushed me to try my hardest in school. She is so passionate in what she does and makes her students feel so secure. She sees the capabilities in every student and pushes them to achieve the goal they want. I would come to tutor late at night or early in the morning and Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila would always be there to assist me in whatever I needed. I remember texting Mrs. Jen very late at night about homework help and I got a reply within five minutes. This is why Mrs. Jen is not like any other tutor. It is so easy to get on a personal level with her. It is so rare to find a combination of a tutor/therapist/friend. You can tell Mrs. Jen anything and she will give you her honest advice.
I have taken rigorous courses all throughout high school which include AP Human Geography, AP European History, AP Chemistry and many other subjects. Breakthrough learning center has helped me get through these rigorous subjects with good grades. I remember when I would have an AP Euro test, Mrs. Jen would write notes for me and send them to me via email so I can review them the day before the test. I also came for SAT and ACT and this helped a lot because Mrs. Jen would have piles of practice tests she would make me take. I would take a practice test every week and she would give me tips and tricks on how to improve. This really motivated me to try hard on these tests. I would try practicing at home but it would never work out because I would always get so distracted, but taking these tests in a learning environment helps a lot because it forces me to actually try my hardest.
I would truly not be where I am today academically and socially if it weren’t for Mrs.Jen and Mr. Avila. They have so much faith in every student and that’s what really pushes them to try their hardest. I gained my motivation, dedication, and commitment from them. When it was hard to motivate myself, they were always there to keep me up on my feet and to remind me how important education is.
— K. Kathrotia

I first attended Gestalt Tutoring (Breakthrough Learning Center) when I was eight years old. At first, I was furious at my mother for making me spend my summer at a tutoring center. I was very young, and all I wanted to do was mess around with my friends and enjoy my break from school. However, after a couple sessions I started to enjoy going to tutor. Gestalt instantly became my second home, and Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila became comparable to older siblings to me. They provided me with an immense amount of guidance and support throughout the many years. Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila not only pushed me to my full potential, but they also shaped who I am today. Currently, I am a sophomore at Valencia High School and committed to the IB program. This definitely could not be done without their help. I could tell them anything, and they always provide moral and academic support. My brother, my sister, and I all attend Breakthrough Learning Center, and we would never go anywhere else!

P.S. Mr Avila has a great alien voice. :)
— Kyle Kim
My experience at Breakthrough has been incredible! I have been attending since 7th grade and now I am a freshman at Valencia High School. Coming to breakthrough has helped me in more ways than one. Mrs.Jen and Mr.Avila are two of the most kindest and caring people i know. They are both so passionate about their students and really want them all to do well. Whenever I have a problem, they always have an answer. I know I can come to them with anything! Breakthrough Learning Center is an amazing place and can without a doubt help you!
— Brenda E.
My name is Matthew Nguyen and I am currently a senior at Valencia High School. Since 9th grade, Ms. Jen and Mr. Avila have provided me with all the assistance I have required in order to succeed in high school. Ms. Jen has prepared me well in all aspects of academics, and has additionally tailored my work ethic to specific teachers from my school whom she had experience with. In addition, Ms. Jen continues to provide me with the necessary materials to prepare me for multiple AP tests, SAT’s, IB tests, and college applications. Ms. Jen devotes her time to students during AP testing season at complimentary weekend study sessions offered to all of her AP students. This devotion is a testament to how much Ms. Jen truly values the wellbeing of each of her students. I am proud to say that I have been lucky enough to receive the assistance of Ms. Jen, Mr. A, and all of the other teachers at Breakthrough Learning Center.
— Matthew N.
I have been attending Breakthrough Learning Center since I was in 7th grade, and now I am a junior in high school. My experience with Mr. Avila and Mrs. Jen has been so amazing and has helped me so much! Every tutor at Breakthrough sincerely cares about our education and always has an answer for us when we need help. They are so dedicated to teaching, and if at anytime they can not solve a problem, all of them will work together and won’t stop until they find the solution. I love Breakthrough, and it is something I look forward to every week. We are all one big family, and I couldn’t thank them enough!!!
— Katie C.
Breakthrough is a great example of how learning is more than a transfer of knowledge. Since there’s many different types of learners out there, Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila structure individual curriculums to match the student’s learning style and pair instructors that have good chemistry with them. I’ve never seen so many students come in with a voracity to learn and make new relationships with other students. As an instructor of two years here, it makes me proud to see some of the students I’ve helped get accepted into prestigious colleges. Keep doing what you’re doing BLC!
— T. Kim.
I’ve been going to Breakthrough since my freshman year of high school; so basically my entire high school career. Before I went to Breakthrough, I perused through several different tutoring centers. However, none of them had what Breakthrough had. Breakthrough made me feel like family and accommodated to my every need. Every instructor at Breakthrough is so patient and knowledge and they do go the extra mile to make sure their students feel fully confident in what they are learning in school. My grades improved significantly after I began attending Breakthrough. They really do help and I couldn’t recommend any place better to help someone grow intellectually.
Aside from school, Breakthrough also helped me expand my horizons and grow as a person. Ms. Jen & Mr. Avila especially have been there for me to give me advice and help me through high school drama, college applications, SATs, school projects, and so much more. They’re so inspiring and are incredibly hard working individuals who want the best for their students and truly treat them like family. I have no words to express how thankful I am that I found them and have them in my life.

— N. Patel
I have been going to breakthrough ever since I was in 6th grade. I am now graduating high school and attending University of California, Irvine as a Mechanical Engineer. I can honestly say that without Ms. Jen, Mr. Avila, Mr. Rob, Mr. Kim, and all the other tutors, I would not have been able to succeed in school. BLC is not the ordinary “learning institution” that just teaches its students what they need help in. They genuinely care for us and make it feel like a family. I’ve built so many strong relationships here that it will feel weird not coming here every Mondays and Wednesdays for help when I leave for college.

Along with the welcoming environment, the tutors here are very qualified. Over the years here, I’ve been tutored in AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Literature, AP Human Geography, SAT, ACT, and many other rigorous college courses. The way they explain concepts and rules make it so easy to understand that at the end of the day I feel like I can be a tutor myself. Whenever I need extra help or practice tests, the tutors always rush to give me exactly what I need.
— Kevin K.
When I came to Breakthrough 3 years ago, I thought I was going there just to get help in math and studying for the SAT and ACT, but I gained knowledge outside of those subjects. Breakthrough opened my mind both academically and socially. They taught me items that I still carry along with me as a college student. Breakthrough feels like a second home because the instuctors want only want the best from their students which creates a family environment. They make your kids work hard, but won’t over work them like other tutoring centers. Breakthrough Learning Center is the best tutoring center in the area. Leaving your kids with them is the best thing you can for them to be successful in school and for life.
— K. Hobby
After tutoring for BLC, I’ve learned that in many cases students don’t have the time to dedicate to the work in front of them. Daily extracurricular activities, stress from college applications, and life outside the classroom are ways in which students can get distracted from what’s important. As a former tutor of BLC, our main objective was to help students focus on what is important. Jennifer and Ivan’s years of experience have allowed them to easily determine each student’s weakness in challenging subject areas. Each tutor has a set of standards by grade level and subject that they are tasked to accomplish throughout the student’s time in BLC. I guess that’s what separates BLC from other tutoring centers. It’s easy to see how Jennifer and Ivan’s reputation in the Yorba Linda community have grown so big.

— P. Marquez
I’ve been going to BLC my entire high school career and I can honestly say that it is like no other learning institution. I cannot express enough the extent to which the staff cater to each student. Mr. Avila, Ms. Jen, and all of the instructors truly make all of their students feel like part of a family, which creates a hospitable environment conducive learning. Not only do they provide me with the necessary help for all of my classes, but they also offer preparation for tests such as the ACT, the SAT, AP, and IB.

I am currently a senior IB student at Valencia High School on the way to studying neuroscience at the University of California Riverside. The International Baccalaureate program is a very academically rigorous program and I cannot thank Ms. Jen, Mr. Avila, and Mr. Rob enough for giving me extra assistance when I needed it the most.

— M. Nguyen
I have been at Breakthrough Learning Center for 5 years now and will graduate El Dorado High School. There’s a reason why I won’t leave Breakthrough; each and every tutor care about their students genuinely and want them to do well in the future. Ms. Jenn and Mr. Avila are such hardworking people that I am so inspired by everyday. They know when their students are sad and ALWAYS know how to cheer you up. Breakthrough Learning Center is without a doubt an amazing place for any student and you will definitely feel like you’re apart of a family. I’m attending Chapman University thanks to the help of BTLC.

Kristin S.
Breakthrough Learning Center provides an environment that fosters continual growth and improvement for each student that walks through the door. I began my tutoring sessions with BLC the summer before my freshman year of high school, and I immediately noticed that the instructors were able to explain challenging topics far better than some of my actual teachers could. The instructors truly cared about my personal and academic success and formulated a personalized curriculum that I was unable to receive in any classroom before. Mr. Avila and Mrs. Dinh-Avila have helped me through various math courses and SAT Prep, and I can honestly say that I would not have been as successful as I was without their help. They really help each student find methods and techniques that work best for them. They also helped me edit my college essays. I know that all of their work played an integral role in my acceptance to UCLA as well as my academic performance there. Even now, after graduating, I had the BLC instructors edit my personal statement for medical school. They truly invest so much time and effort into every student, and they provide endless support that students carry with them in all of their endeavors. Easily some of the best people I have encountered!
— E. Solis