At Breakthrough we have one goal - To bring our students to their greatest potential. We are inspired to create meaning and true inspiration in how students engage and perceive their education along with their future. Our environment is built to create a hard working, self disciplined, motivational, and individualized study program where students' arts and technical skills are utilized for development.

Breakthrough utilizes the experience of diverse teaching environments and the knowledge gained through the study of psychology to find the best individualized study program for your child. We understand there are many different learning styles and each student is different. Our goal is to find the best style of learning, comprehending, retaining, and analyzing information for each student. Through diverse resources, including the integration of technological resources, we will find the best way to study with your child.

Intrinsic motivation is the key here. We want your child to enjoy education and at the same time reach their highest potential. With the integration of Common Core projects in our individualized study programs, we will develop an in depth knowledge of the topic, solid study skills, strong self discipline, and confidence that will be used throughout each student's life. We believe education is an important foundation, so we want to empower each student in their educational experience. 

Breakthrough Learning Center works with both parents and teachers in order to get each student to reach their maximum potential.  We believe in a strong support system that will allow each student to grow.  We work off the clock hours because we truly care about our students reaching their goals.