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Breakthrough Learning Center provides an environment that fosters continual growth and improvement for each student that walks through the door. I began my tutoring sessions with BLC the summer before my freshman year of high school, and I immediately noticed that the instructors were able to explain challenging topics far better than some of my actual teachers could. The instructors truly cared about my personal and academic success and formulated a personalized curriculum that I was unable to receive in any classroom before. Mr. Avila and Mrs. Dinh-Avila have helped me through various math courses and SAT Prep, and I can honestly say that I would not have been as successful as I was without their help. They really help each student find methods and techniques that work best for them. They also helped me edit my college essays. I know that all of their work played an integral role in my acceptance to UCLA as well as my academic performance there. Even now, after graduating, I had the BLC instructors edit my personal statement for medical school. They truly invest so much time and effort into every student, and they provide endless support that students carry with them in all of their endeavors. Easily some of the best people I have encountered!
— Erin S.
I have been going to breakthrough ever since I was in 6th grade. I am now graduating high school and attending University of California, Irvine as a Mechanical Engineer. I can honestly say that without Ms. Jen, Mr. Avila, Mr. Rob, Mr. Kim, and all the other tutors, I would not have been able to succeed in school. BLC is not the ordinary “learning institution” that just teaches its students what they need help in. They genuinely care for us and make it feel like a family. I’ve built so many strong relationships here that it will feel weird not coming here every Mondays and Wednesdays for help when I leave for college.

Along with the welcoming environment, the tutors here are very qualified. Over the years here, I’ve been tutored in AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP Literature, AP Human Geography, SAT, ACT, and many other rigorous college courses. The way they explain concepts and rules make it so easy to understand that at the end of the day I feel like I can be a tutor myself. Whenever I need extra help or practice tests, the tutors always rush to give me exactly what I need.
— Kevin K.
I have been attending Gestalt Tutoring, since I was in the middle of third grade and now I am a freshman in high school. When I first attended Gestalt, it was a small tutoring center located at Mrs. Jen’s house. As a young and naive kid, I hated anything related to school work. When my mom told me I had to go to a tutoring establishment, I was infuriated at the fact that I had to put more time into learning. However, over the years I have realized that Gestalt was more than just a tutoring center. It was a place where students can go and learn in a comfortable environment, and establish new relationships with other students. I have stayed numerous hours at Gestalt to study for tests. I can recall many days in which I have stayed long hours studying for tests, and with their help I received an “A.” Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila are always there for any problems I have faced. I consider both of them as my second family. I can go to Mrs. Jen with any problems I face in my school work as well as my social life. She has helped me through rigorous academic courses, providing multiple practice test, as well as her own knowledge. Mr. Avila has been a major role model to me, and the first day that I met Mr. Avila we had an instant connection. We were both athletes and loved to play sports. Mr. Avila has been my main motivation in my school work and sports. His dedication to his work and his compassion to his students has inspired me. They both have been very important figures in my life, and they have sacrificed their time in making sure that I will be successful. I will always view Gestalt as my second home, because without the support from Mrs. Jen and Mr. Avila I would not be the person I am today.
— D. Kim
I’ve been going to Breakthrough since my freshman year of high school; so basically my entire high school career. Before I went to Breakthrough, I perused through several different tutoring centers. However, none of them had what Breakthrough had. Breakthrough made me feel like family and accommodated to my every need. Every instructor at Breakthrough is so patient and knowledge and they do go the extra mile to make sure their students feel fully confident in what they are learning in school. My grades improved significantly after I began attending Breakthrough. They really do help and I couldn’t recommend any place better to help someone grow intellectually.
Aside from school, Breakthrough also helped me expand my horizons and grow as a person. Ms. Jen & Mr. Avila especially have been there for me to give me advice and help me through high school drama, college applications, SATs, school projects, and so much more. They’re so inspiring and are incredibly hard working individuals who want the best for their students and truly treat them like family. I have no words to express how thankful I am that I found them and have them in my life.
— N. Patel
I went to Gestalt Tutoring (Original Name of Breakthrough Learning Center) for all four years of high school; and during those four years, I not only expanded my quantitative knowledge, but also my qualitative ability. Through math tutoring for geometry to Trigonometry, I graduated high school with a stellar GPA and excellent grades in math. After four years of PSAT and SAT tutoring, my SAT scores were higher than my expectations and in fact, higher than many students around. I applied to nine colleges, including UC’s and Claremont Colleges, and I got into all nine schools. I would allude that success to my experience with Gestalt Tutoring. The positive results and incessant encouragement showed me that I can achieve anything. I was given opportunity to succeed and recognition when I succeeded, something that I would not have gotten if I relied on my school and definitely something that I probably would not get if I did tutoring in a large, group setting. I am completely satisfied with my experience at Gestalt and I would not be where I am today without my foundation that was built by Ms. Jen, Mr. Avila, and myself.
— Sofia K.
When I came to Breakthrough 3 years ago, I thought I was going there just to get help in math and studying for the SAT and ACT, but I gained knowledge outside of those subjects. Breakthrough opened my mind both academically and socially. They taught me items that I still carry along with me as a college student. Breakthrough feels like a second home because the instuctors want only want the best from their students which creates a family environment. They make your kids work hard, but won’t over work them like other tutoring centers. Breakthrough Learning Center is the best tutoring center in the area. Leaving your kids with them is the best thing you can for them to be successful in school and for life.
— Kevin H.


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Get a strong start this school year at Breakthrough Learning Center. Here at Breakthrough, we will create a strong, individualized curriculum based on Placentia Yorba Linda School District Standards and the California Common Core Standards. With over 10 years of experience in working with students from Placentia Yorba Linda School District, we feel confident in understanding each school's curriculum, along with the expectations for each grade level and subject of matter. Students can get ahead in a subject or focus on a weakness to create a stronger foundation that can be at their grade level or above their grade level for advancement. Students will work on different exciting projects that spark interest, create strong foundations in subjects to build confidence, and interact in the learning experience with other students to build life long skills and networks that will create pathways to success. We will create a strong learning environment that will be enjoyable and memorable. 




Developed from a home setting in the community of Yorba Linda, we have earned our reputation in being effective, efficient, and empowering teachers through the support of parents, teachers, students, along with positive test and teaching results. As we continue to expand our knowledge in the research of learning dynamics along with being involved in the creation of the Common Core Learning that is being implemented in California, we are RAISING THE BAR for tutoring. We would like to welcome all families to Breakthrough Learning Center, where they will find high quality teachers who will provide a high standard of learning.

What to Expect?

New additional classrooms designed to hold students from all backgrounds and emphasis

More technology incorporated into Breakthrough curriculums

New curriculums involving concepts based from Common Core learning

Strong and driven instructors who have genuine care for the development and educational path of their students

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 Classroom Sessions


  • Strong team of instructors with Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, and/or Teaching Credentials along with years of experience.

  • More Space to create efficiency. 5 Student to 1 Instructor classroom ratio.

  • Instructor Aides providing extra one-one attention to students.

  • Diverse use of technology included into newly developed curriculums in order to prepare students for future learning.

  • Curriculum to include Common Core projects for more application learning.

  • More available time frames and instructors with specializations available for a wide range of topics to teach or consult.

  • Greater available resources for every student to benefit from.