High School Experiences

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy their high school years. Here are some universal experiences that some high schoolers felt.

Nathan: High school has been a particularly interesting experience. It has its ups and downs, as everyone is constantly changing, defining themselves and maturing. There are many times where I’ve had lots of fun with my friends, while stressing out about finals. Most of my fun occurs during my sports period, tennis. Tennis is where, at the end of the school day, I can get rid of all of my stress and have fun. Also traveling to different schools and areas to play other good tennis players, along with my teammates and friends, adds to this experience. Participation in school athletics is something I would highly recommend while you are in high school, as it is both very fun and a good stress reliever. All in all, high school is a great experience and a time to explore yourself and opportunities.

Nolan: My high school experience is nothing I have ever thought of it to be. The constant change and shift of activities throughout the school years are something you have to adapt to. In high school, there are stressful times for tests and deadlines, but others that are filled with fun and competitive vigor when you face off against in classmates of your class or others from different schools like in sports. Specifically, I play tennis and I find it as one of the biggest highlights of my high school experience. Clubs have played a large role as creating new friends in them and participating in the activities in them.

Boss: There were rough patches in high school that I have been through my freshman year. Some of the times were really hard, especially at the start of the year when I was trying to find new friends and trying to figure out how to manage my classes. Taking 5 honors and 1 AP class freshman year was really hard because there was a lot more work to do and everything was harder compared to middle school. After some time, I had my own mini routine for each day where I went to a club meeting every Tuesday and Thursday and soccer practice after school everyday. Joining these activities were one of the best decisions I made in highschool. Not only did it bring joy, I was able to form relationships with the people. Near the end of the year, I decided that I want to run for sophomore class vice president. I had one contender. He was actually a good friend of mine. There were a ton of stress leading up to the point when I give a speech to the whole class. However, after I was done with my speech, I had the best feeling. I was glad that I did it and it paid off because I won.