Common Core Strategies and Techniques

As being an educator, we are always learning and adapting to new ways and styles of teaching so that our students are one step ahead of the nation’s Common Core Standards. Having both family and friends involved in creating the Common Core curriculum along with training departments allows us to build strong curriculums here at Breakthrough to meet California Standards. This page will includes some resources that we use to show our students and parents an underlying foundation that we create. We will continue to update this page throughout time.


Basic Common Core Information for Students and Parents

Click on the picture to go to the main Common Core State Standards Website. This website provides basic information for students and parents to learn about our Common Core and the direction of this nation’s education plan. This will give information about what the standards are for each subject, how they were developed, and frequently asked questions. It is very helpful to understand the foundation of Common Core and what benefits it brings to our young generation.

Math Common Core

Math has definitely changed in the last couple of years as we move into a Common Core route. The critical thinking and application connection to life has revolutionized math to be understood and interpreted differently than back in the day. In order to gain strength in foundation and understanding of each math standard, it is important to be consistent in engaging practice assignments. Here is a website that provides different math assignments, games, and instructions/lessons on concepts.



Language Arts Common Core

If you haven’t noticed, there is more writing involved in Math, Science, and Social Studies courses. Language Arts has become integrated itself through these subjects which means students need to build a strong foundation here to aid them for future high school courses.