BLC School Year 2018- 2019

School year tutoring sessions are geared towards keeping a strong, stable grade point average, enhancing study skills, developing motivation along with confidence, and creating self discipline in study habits with time management. Our understanding of California's education system gives us a major advantage in relating to our students. We know that in order to achieve high levels of success, students must have organizational skills, consistency, and reinforcement in their studies. There are different sessions offered throughout the school year, depending on what type of program you are looking for. All students have an individualized curriculum because every student has his or her own needs. Curriculums will be intuitive developed based on each student's strengths and weaknesses. It is our job as Breakthrough Instructors and Mentors to understand and be intuitive of each student's thought pattern and prcoess in order to provide a strong individualized program.  Breakthrough offers One-One, Closed Group, and Classroom sessions of 5 students to 1 instructor ratio. There is a flexible, consistent monthly schedule that can be created.  

Homework Help


Homework Help session is designed for students who need more focus on school and homework help. A strong focus in keeping a high grade point average along with a strong foundation in conepts learned in class is the main goal.  In this session, students attend class, get questions answered, and complete their homework. They can also attend sessions to concentrate on a specific subject, study for a test, or review over an essay. Our Breakthrough instructors have Bachelors and/or Masters Degree with years of teaching experience in either school district or college level teaching. An instructor is available to review over questions or concepts with each student. We have many years of experience in working with California Standards curriculum and school districts in the communities around, including Placentia-Yorba Linda School District, Anaheim School District, Orange School District, Fullerton School District, and Alvord Unified School District.  Schedule is to be consistent each month for reservation of space. Maximum students are 5 per 1 specialized instructor. 


Accelerated Learning Courses                                

Math ( Grades Pre-K - 6), Pre- Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Language Arts, Science, Writing, Vocabulary

Test Preparation, ACT, SAT, AP Exams, College Consultation


These courses are designed for students who want to learn ahead of class as they are going through the school year. Here we can concentrate on a specific subject, review California Common Core Standards for grade level, and provide diverse activities and Common Core projects for each student to be involved and engaged in topics. These are individualized programs for each student. in which we will provide goal oriented curriculums. All resources are provided and will be used to engage students in learning and expand horizons in ways of learning.  Maximum students are 5 in a class.  

Monday - Friday ( 2:30 PM- 8:00 PM) 


AP European History / AP United States History


Review and reinforce concepts with Dr. Carlos Avila who has had many years in experience in working with these subjects. During these class sessions, students will review over the topics in school and receive aid in understanding and applying the history as one big picture. He will review over the different time periods from the 1400's to current history. with the students. Extra notes, quizzes, and practice review on the test will be provided for students to aid students in these rigorous classes.

Tuesday and Thursday (6-8 PM ) 

Closed Group Sessions


We can create a group session with other students who are in the same class. These Closed Group Sessions will create cohesion and allow more interactive learning for each student as we move into common core. The maximum students per class will be 5 students her 1 teacher. Students will be learning all the same topics at the same level. There will still be individualized curriculums as each student is different in his or her understanding of concepts. 

One-One Tutoring and Education Consultation


Prefer to have One-One attention? Register for One- One tutoring where students will gain more insight and analysis from the teacher along with more attention.  One on One consist of reviewing school material, working through our Breakthrough individualized curriculum, providing extra reinforcement activities to create strong foundation, and providing practice tests to prepare for future assignments or future tests/quizzes in school curriculum. With a strong background in psychology and education, we can provide consultation to help with school subjects, study skills, testing abilities, college essays, and college prep. We are known for developing strong relationships with our students where we can foster growth, confidence, and success for limitless learning. 

Reading Comprehension/Analysis
Literature Analysis
Writing Composition
Vocabulary Development
Grammar Development
Math (Grades 1-6)
Pre-Algebra, Algebra I
Math Analysis
Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Standardized Testing (COGAT, STAR, CAHSEE, PSAT, SAT, SAT II, ACT)
AP European History

AP United States History
AP Human Geography
AP Psychology

Education Consultation
College Consultation
Study Skills