About MAPS


It all started With a dream…

A dream that every student has an open door to education. A dream that every student has the opportunity to create his or her future. A dream to make a difference, one life at a time.

Now is the time for change

We are truly inspired by the world around us and are continuously trying to find ways to help not only our community, but other communities that lack resources. Through Mr. Avila's experience and understanding of his students from Riverside, an inner deep passion has grown within us to assist students who lack resources to succeed. We truly believe that every child should have an open door to education and be free to create their future, but unfortunately not all kids are dealt with a good hand in life.

This summer has been a pivotal moment for us as we have been in the process of building programs that will aid students and their families who lack support. From providing peer mentorship to skill based training to planning different fundraisers, we hope to open more opportunities for students as they transition into the world after high school. Not only is our goal to open doors for these students to dream, but we hope to create unity and compassion between all students from different areas so that we can evolve into a better world.



The Services We Provide

Here at MAPS, we are creating a peer mentorship program where students are able to express themselves to our mentors for help, ranging from academics to career planning. From tutoring sessions to skill based training programs, we hope to guide all students towards achieving goals and opening up opportunity for success. Through individual peer mentorship relationship along with involvement with a community, we we aim to connect students all around to build unity and compassion. ….. define who they are in life and who they might be in the future.

• Safe learning environment that will foster diversity through understanding different perspectives and experiences.

• SAT/ACT Introduction Class

• Peer Mentor Tutoring Service

• College Consultation

• General School Consultation

• Job Resume and Cover Letter Building

• Networking and support for career development.

• Peer Mentorship with Breakthrough Learning Center Students

• Parent Consultation

• Skill Building Training (Public Speaking, Communication/Social Skills, Study Skills, Time Management, Interview Skills)

• Community Service Opportunities


The Expectations of a Mentor

Every MAPS mentor is expected to be on top of their role in the organization. They are to be qualified and willing to help every student to their greatest potential. All of our MAPS instructors are here to answer any questions you may have about school, life struggles and family. 


Purpose of the Program

We are inspired to help students engage with school and perceive their education as well as their future. Our programs are designed to conceive students who are inspired to work hard for the things they want in life and aim and seek for their dreams.

The one goal that we aim for at Breakthrough with our students is to help them reach their fullest potential so that they can live life without limits. Now that these students have worked hard to build their potential, we want to help and open up opportunities for others to reach their goals and dreams. We want to help create change for other students in different communities who may need an extra support system. By creating a team of students from Breakthrough, we can provide a strong support system to help students individually reach their fullest potential.